Welcome to my home page.

For a long time I thougt about making my own web site, but continuous lack of motivation shattered my plans. As it happens in life, I found motivation just after I realized usefulness of such a 'creation' (art for art is a rare thing and I'm not an exception).

I've decided, that it's time to share my works with the World. I'm getting older with every day not younger and feeling of leaving one's mark is getting stronger and stronger.

I've made something that can be called, by reason of above-mentioned, my visiting-card. Though with lapse of time, I'll try to expand the site somehow. It depends chiefly on how this site will fulfil my expectations.

The number of my works should increase with time no matter what, because my passions will remain my passions and I won't disavow them because of failure in Internet territory. Except increasing inerest in photograpy, creating something from almost nothing (I could invent array of other marks instead of characters that would fulfil thay role - you could say that deranging is one of my passions, but I'm trying my best to curtail it:) I'm alsow interested in inner human potential (not tested on animals). We can find huge reserves of energy in ourselfs. I saw it for oneself during my short, but intensive outings, mainly to Tatra mountaines - I must say I'm attracted to austere beauty or while my bike rides around Cracow.

I hope you'll have nice browsing through

I salute, Marek

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