Once I was asked how long I\'m intrested in taking pictures and to by honest I must say I don't remember. I'm 22 now and all I can say is that I try my best in photography since "Zenit times". At the beginning I was limiting oneself to still life, because at that time I was wrongly convinced about cause of easyness of taking pictures of still life. Now, when I reached crux of the matter, I know that only being in cooperation with model I'll obtain good photo.

Starting with family ceremonies I began convinced to new, for my, 'material', which is human being (such a plasticity..). In first class in high school I menaged to collect enough money to buy oneself an EOS 3000. The shift from full manual to automatic/manual camera was amazing especially, cause from now on I was able to immortalize transitory moemnts. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take as many pictures as I wonted to, because of lack of funds. With next shift all previous problems were gone. Again Canon won only now it was digital camera - EOS 300D. Now the only two limitations were: capacity of flash card and life time of battery. My last purschase is another digital camera - IXUS 40, but this time the ultra-small one. Now there is nothing that would elude from taking a picture.

Occasional photograpy.

I took my first stressless occasional photos on my cousins wedding (with Zenith), so it has to by somewhere around first classes of primary school. However I received my first real task in second class of secondary school and by real I mean I was the only person who was responsible for taking pictures. It was during school culture festival (FeKuSz) lasting for 2-3 days depending on the year. Since then I was occasionally engaged in taking photos mainly in exchange for 'food':) and of course priceless experience. Now is the time to use it all. Making profit on photography will allow me to develope new skills quicker and better due to increasing technical background.

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